Light is migrating to Ethereum. Deposit your tokens to be eligible for the claim.


Total Value LockedTotal value locked in migration contract-
Total DepositsTotal LIGHT in migration contract-
Your Genesis Light Balance Genesis Light you received for depositing-

Deposit tokens

Wallet balances- LIGHT
Wallet balances- LIGHT-BNB LP


How does the migration work?

During the migration period, you can deposit your LIGHT or LIGHT-BNB LP tokens into the migration contract on BSC. All deposited tokens get locked and removed out of circulation. In return, you will receive a receipt token called Genesis Light (gLIGHT). Your gLIGHT balance determines how much LIGHT you will be able to claim on Ethereum.

Deprecated Lightning Vaults
What is Light DAO?

Are my new tokens vested?

There's no vesting for migrators.